Saturday, 22 November 2014

New beginnings

This feels rather like the start of something new. I'm not a blogging newbie so to speak, but after a year and a half away from the blogging world I feel a little wobbly getting back on the bicycle. Where are those training wheels when you need them?! 

As much as I loved my previous blog, The Mummy Scripts, and everything that came along with it, it just wasn't the right time for me.  I couldn't dedicate the time that it or my readers deserved. 

My children have grown so much since then, Little D is 6 and the twins are 4. With all three at 'big' school now here I am with a little bit more 'me' time on my hands.

So here we go, a new blog and a new start. The sun is shining (by some miracle), the leaves are falling and there is a faint smell of Christmas in the air. It seems as good a time as any for new beginnings. 

I have been through a bit of an upheaval this year, maybe I will go into it a bit later if I'm feeling brave enough. But for right now, I just wanted to say 'hi' to whoever might be reading this and that it's good to finally be back.



  1. So good to see you back! Looking forward to more...!

  2. It's awesome to have you back again. Have missed you xxx

    1. Thanks Charly - I've missed you all too! xx

  3. Lovely to see you back! Look forward to reading xx

  4. Welcome back lovely. Look forward to hearing what you're up to xx

  5. Hurrah! So pleased you are back in the blogosphere - things always happen at the right time xx do come link this up to All About You xxx

  6. Hello :) I hope you have lots of fun with your blogging.x

  7. yay I am so pleased to see you back lovely, you have been missed xxx

  8. Welcome back! I have regularly dipped into The Mummy Scripts hoping to find a fresh post but gathered you had stopped. Anyway, whatever the reason, glad you're back! X

  9. Welcome back beautiful. We've missed you and you are right, it's all about timing and what feels right for you xx

  10. What a beautiful start! Love finding your blog now :-)

    You'll be brave for whatever you want, whenever you're ready; and still get to choose freely whether you ever write about it <3


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