Wednesday, 3 December 2014

All I want for Christmas

This year, hubby and I have decided not to get each other a present as our approaching Caribbean holiday is more than enough for us, and without sounding clich├ęd, we just want to have a happy and healthy Christmas with our family.

But..... a girl likes to be prepared for any eventuality and organisation and communication is essential to a happy and successful life, right? So whether it's for Christmas, a Birthday or just to say I love you, here are a few things I wouldn't say no to this month, or any other month of the year.

1 Classic black patent Louboutins - need i say more? 

2 I love perfume and wear it every day without fail. My absolute favourite right now is Givenchy's Very Irresistible. It's light and fresh but strong enough to last the whole day.

3 I am a major iPhone snapper and think it does a pretty good job, but sometimes you need a 'real' camera for certain shots. Although I love my Nikon SLR it's just a tad on the large size to be carting around with three children in toe. So I have been doing some major research on the best compact cameras on the market right now and this Sony RX100 M3 comes up tops every time. It's a big player in disguise taking shots that rival many top SLR's but more importantly, I just love that it can fit into a clutch bag!

4 Speaking of bags... I am a fan of the larger variety for day to day wear. The bigger the bag, the better. If I could carry everything I own around with me I would. This Tory Burch Kerrington Shopper is perfect. Simple, beautiful and durable - fill it up, sling it over your shoulder and you're good to go (plus hands-free to round up those wayward kids).

5 Who doesn't love something pretty and sparkly? This gold and diamond 'love' necklace from Sydney Evan is gorgeous. It comes in different sizes - I'd choose the large one (of course). Bit of a hefty price tag but you could justify it by wearing it every day, right?!  As seen on JLo and  SJP, and they know their bling.

6 With winter upon us and many more football and rugby matches ahead of me (in the rain) I'm feeling like my wellies need a bit of an update.  I love these black gloss Hunter's.  If you could call wellies chic then these are it.

7 After all the Christmas craziness I'd like to put my feet up with a cup of tea (glass of wine) and burn one of these beautiful Diptyque candles. Tubereuse is my favourite.

8 Oh the weather outside is frightful, so it really is time to wrap up warm. I've got a thing for plaid at the moment and this scarf from Levi's is perfectly subtle with great colours.

9 A washing machine? Really? Oh yes. Maybe ten years ago if someone gave me a washing machine I might have cried, but today I would literally cry with joy. This baby has a 12kg max load capacity - you heard me right - that is huge! With three kids and a washing machine that is constantly running I would be delighted to find this with a big bow around it on Christmas morning. Amazing how life changes after kids.

So there's a snippet of my wish list this year.  What's on your list?

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  1. Great list Xandi. I laughed at the washing machine true! I hope Santa brings you all those lovely gifties. Have a wonderful Caribbean holiday too.

  2. Beautiful pics, love the TB shopper and I'm in love with that love necklace xx

  3. Brilliant list! I have to say, my dad bought my mother 2 washing machines one year, because one died, and she complained she had so much washing to do…. have to say, she was not amused or crying with joy! Love that necklace and the Loubies, yum! Thanks so much for linking up to #AllAboutYou hon xxx

  4. Ahhh Louboutins!!!!! Wouldn't want anything else for Christmas! xo


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