Monday, 8 December 2014

Ice skating and cupcakes

Our children have never been ice skating before.  We figured at 6 and 4 it's a pretty good time to give it a go.

I've always loved driving past the Natural History Museum and seeing the ice rink and huge Christmas tree all lit up.  It's become quite the regular Christmas attraction in London. With a back drop of the museum and a beautiful carousel added to the mix it's a winner for kids and grown-ups alike.

We bundled up and headed out early on Sunday morning, tickets booked, thermal socks on and lots of excitement in the air.

I think they had this perfect idea in their heads of what it would be like but the reality ended up being quite a shock! After a few initial protests of "I can't do it, I want to go home!" they were slip-sliding all over the rink and loving it. The little penguins really helped them gain some confidence and independence along the way and Daddy was fully in demand - for some reason they think he's a better ice-skater than me, I wonder who gave them that idea...?!

We fell, we laughed, they cried (just a little), it rained and poured but we really didn't mind at all.  By the end of our session we were having to literally drag them off - what a difference and hour can make. But it really didn't take much as the promise of hot chocolate and a ride on the carousel did the job.

Just having a little chat over a hot drink, as you do.

After all the fun and excitement we began to enter the hour of tummy rumbles and requests for food.  As anyone with little ones knows, once food is demanded there is NO hanging about. So we got our skates on (no pun intended!) and went in search of some lunch.

A good old pizza is always welcome in our house so we popped into Bella Italia in South Ken, parked ourselves at the nearest table and got stuck onto some colouring while we waited for our pizzas.

Having polished off our plates we didn't think it was possible to have room for any more food but as far as my kids are concerned, there is always room for cake!

The Hummingbird Bakery is just around the corner from the restaurant and is filled to the brim with delicious cakes and cupcakes.  I may have had something to do with this choice as I am addicted to their red velvet cupcakes.

After much deliberating - we were not the favourites in the queue - they finally decided what they wanted.  We found a table and tucked into the delicious cakes.  Daddy J and I managed to sneak in a quiet coffee by some miracle. Kids can be pretty distracted by cake it seems.

After the last crumb was eaten, it was time to head home for some quiet time to wind down the weekend before school the next day. 

Nothing like a chat and a good cuddle to round off a wonderful day.


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  1. I have always wanted to go there at Christmas! Looks like so much fun.
    You can see the glee on the children's faces! The cupcakes yum!! xo


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