Friday, 12 December 2014

Well heeled

'Tis the season to dress up and be merry. I love a good party and the festive season gives us all a great excuse to really go to town if we want to.

Having recently flown round the shops (I'm now an expert at condensing a successful shopping trip into the few precious hours I have child-free) I felt rather like a magpie with all the glittery, sparkly, mini frocks on display. The choices for party dresses are endless with sequins literally everywhere - funny how I wouldn't even consider this option in July. But one thing that has really disappointed me is the selection of dressy heels on offer.

Not a strappy heeled sandal in sight.  I know, scandalous.

Yes,  it's Winter, practically Baltic outside and our little toes haven't seen a foot spa since Gordon was in power (or at least it feels like that) but that's no reason for an abundance of boots and closed toe heels. You may see a peep toe here and there if you look hard enough but other than that I felt like I was hit by a sea of boots.

I love all shoes but I also love to have variety - it is the spice of life after all.  I don't like feeling that I have to settle with the one and only high heeled sandal that's on the shop floor looking all sorry for itself.

Having spent a morning this week trekking back and forth through various shops I came away feeling very dissatisfied with what's on display. So I took to the Internet and have put together a selection of black and gold high heeled sandals you can get right now (in the shops or online) for all you defiant non-tights wearers like me.

Paint those tootsies and embrace that cold wind!

1 Carvela Globe Glitter Sandals £79

2 Michael Kors Mavis T-Strap £170

3 Michael Kors Diana Metallic Sandals £120

Michael Kors Tatianna Sandal £165

5 LK Bennett Palma Sandal £195

6 KG Maia Sandal £220

7 Gina Lila Sandal (if you feel like splashing out!) £850 eek!

Which is your favourite?


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