Thursday, 15 January 2015

A step (or a shake) in the right direction

I wouldn't call myself lazy, just not so inclined to working out or fitness in general (yes, that's a bit lazy, I know).  It's a strange one really as I was pretty active as a child and teenager. I was quite sporty; into gymnastics, athletics and netball.  My husband doesn't believe any of this, despite my school friends vouching for me, but I suppose that was a lifetime ago.

Maybe it's because I have thought of every excuse under the sun to avoid gyms and classes. Or maybe it's because I would rather have a coffee with a girl friend or maybe it's because I have been hanging out in baby and toddler-land for the past 6 years and have only just surfaced? That's it, surely?

Whatever the reason for my lack of 'get up and go', I decided I had to make a change.  I'm not getting any younger and there's this little thing called gravity which is not our friend. So I bit the bullet, pulled on my trainers, dusted off the gym membership and got on with it.

It's only been two weeks since I started running again and the difference is enormous. I have more energy and a little spring in my step. I even braved Zumba this morning after being inspired by this video and it was fantastic.  A group of woman, all with different levels of fitness (and co-ordination) just having a great time shaking their thang and getting fit. I should have done this long ago. But I'm here now, investing some time in my body and my mind and feeling all the better for it.


  1. It's really hard to get going, but once you actually make the first walk,run or class you feel
    so much better! Good luck :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's that initial 'jump' into the unknown! Loving it now... :-)

  2. Xandi! Congratulations! You'll love fitness in your life once you start to benefit & FEEL GREAT! I'm soon to be 60! In 1979 I started a mad, passionate love affair with aerobics! Currently, my average weekly routine is 2 fun filled evenings of Zumba, 1 boring but necessary personal training session to keep up the bone density, & on other days either outdoor speed walking or 30 min. on an elliptical machine! .....AND I plan to start your mint tea & rose water! Cheers to Zumba!

    1. Thank you so much! Funnily enough, I just tried Aerobics out on Friday and LOVED it! So much energy in the room, it was amazing. Booked in again for this week!
      Rose water with the mint tea is delicious - let me know if you like it! x :-)

  3. Well done you! I hadn't really got into (note I don't say 'back into'!) keep fit until my youngest started school. Just keeping up with them as babies/toddlers/pre-schoolers was enough for me! But I'm really pleased I have. I do the 30 day shred 4/5 times a week and have started jogging. I'm so embarrassed about my coordination I'm too shy to go to zumba classes even though I would love to! Maybe one day.... xx

  4. That's fantastic!! WELL DONE YOU!
    Don't forget that feeling... Even when a cold kicks in and knocks you out for a week! Back to this post :-)


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