Sunday, 11 January 2015

My Sunday Photo

This is Chrissy, our Christmas tree. I think she is feeling very sad and lonely - or maybe I am just feeling guilty about banishing her to the garden. I'm hoping that she will survive the next 11 months - and possibly grow a little once re-potted, but I've never had the greenest thumbs.  

As happy as I am to have a living tree, there is something so bittersweet about real Christmas trees. The excitement of finding the right one, taking it home, dressing it up to the nines, gathering around it day and night, paparazzi style photos like it's a celebrity and then, come 6th January (or even sooner in many cases) it's sayonara! Thanks for the good times, time to move on....

But I suppose I can find comfort in the fact that she is still alive (despite my tropical central heating) and that she, like us, will hopefully grow and change for the better over the year until we are all in our living room once more singing Jingle Bells and eating mince pies.



  1. I love that you've named her. She looks very healthy so hopefully will be find over the next year. I'm not the most green fingered either :)

  2. Chrissy is very sweet!! It's great she'll be in your garden where you can talk to her!
    Keep telling her she'll be all dressed up again in 11 months! xo

  3. Whatever you do don't plant it! Hubby did when he was a kid and now the tree is taller than our house and it takes all of our light #MySundayPhoto x

  4. I just did a bit of gardening earlier! I transferred our Christmas tree to a bigger pot as he is growing [I think]. Like you I wish he would live long and will still be there and taller next Christmas =) #mysundayphoto

  5. Having a potted Christmas Tree sounds like a lovely idea, however I think our goats would miss chewing on them if we didn't have yearly ones.

  6. Hopefully it survives the next 11 months and that it doesn't grow up about 4ft

    Thank you for linking up

  7. Wonderful being able to keep your Christmas tree for future festivities - keep growing Chrissie but not too tall too soon.

  8. We buy rooted trees and tend to find we can keep them going for one or two more years. Good luck with Chrissy!


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