Thursday, 12 February 2015

That 70's Vibe

One - Chloé sunglasses // Two - Zara swirl print dress // Three - Asos flare jeans  // 

I'm a child of the 80's so have always looked back at the glamourous photos of my Mum in the 70's with fascination. It just seems like it was such a fabulous and chilled time to be in. The make up, the hair, the flares, it all had a very cool feel about it. Fashion is fickle, constantly changing and evolving, but the basic trends remain there in the background waiting for their comeback. This season the 70's are in charge!

Swirls, suede, gingham, embellishment, tassels - it's all back. We're not talking Autsin Powers and full on Charlie's Angels but more of a nod in respect to this era.  Say goodbye to your skinnies (did I really just say that?! Maybe not goodbye, more of a "see you soon") because the flare is back! 

Embrace this trend as much or as little as you like. This style is all about having fun and feeling sexy - what more could you want out of fashion?

My always glamourous mother back in the day, rocking a red jumpsuit like only she could.


  1. Love that red jumpsuit! I would wear that today!

  2. I really love that era! The clothes were fab!! That red jumpsuit is fantastic!! xo


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