Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Is It School Holidays Yet?

For some reason we have all been a little tired recently.  Days are busy, sleep is not as frequent or as sound as we'd like, creating the perfect environment for lots of emotions to surface.

All three kids love school and have bags of energy, but they are tired. They work pretty darn hard for 6 and 4 years old.  Their little minds working overtime occasionally sounding out words or doing times tables in their sleep.  No kidding.  Sometimes around 10pm I will hear a sudden C-A-T... cat! Or 5 x 4 is 20! Surely they should be dreaming about football or climbing trees and eating cupcakes?! I guess I should be pleased they are conscientious children who want to learn but that is a little much, don't you think?

We have only just had half term and I find myself looking forward to the Easter holidays,  not having the mad rush every morning or homework every evening. Not having over-tired, overstretched children. More time for cuddles, baking and good old chats.

Is it only me feeling like this?
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  1. The sign that my son is awfully tired and when he talks in his sleep. Like you my son always say things about school. He did this few days ago. The whole night he did nothing but talk in his sleep. I can only help by making him not so wind up when he gets home so it improved days after. But like you I feel like he is working so much, too much for his age and I am so glad that its Friday because we can all finally have a rest. #pocolo


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