Thursday, 12 March 2015

Playground Politics

I know, I know, this is nothing new.  We are all aware (or will find out soon enough) of the 'joys' of playground politics. I really have enough to think about with three sets of homework, which sports kit is needed on which day, and whether we remembered to put the snack in the book bag, without the added nonsense of playground politics.  It really can be a minefield.

The Tiger mums, the Complainers and the 'Snubbers'. They are all there somewhere.  I have to say that there are also some very lovely parents.  I am lucky to have made some great friends through my childrens' schools and have kept away from all the drama. My school days are done.  I'm not in the mood for bickering, she said/she said disputes or competition.  I don't want to feel nervous collecting my kids or be thinking about the 'latest gossip'.  I want to be thinking about seeing my three little faces and hearing about what they've been up to all day without me. My priority is them, their well being and happiness. School is NOT about me.

I refuse to use my kids as an accessory to make me look better. There are no prizes for Mum of the cleverest child or Mum of the football captain. I will bake those cupcakes for charity day with my daughter and let her help me decorate them - even if they look properly 'homemade'. I'm not entering a popularity contest or looking for validation.

I can't understand why, since we are all in this together, we can't just support each other a little bit more than we do? I know everyone is different and people have their reasons for behaving the way they do but surely it's time we leave the schoolyard games to the kids and accept that we are grown ups and role models?


  1. Well said!! Couldn't agree more!!!

  2. Sadly, I think that some people never manage to rise above this Xandi. Essentially, they never really grow up. What are we teaching our children if we can't leave this kind of behaviour behind? x


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