Friday, 3 April 2015

Busy Home, Quiet Blog

I have been rather neglectful of this blog lately not to mention social media.  I can just about manage a photo every now and then and the blog seems to be a stream of weekly portraits - to be honest I'm surprised I've kept up with those!

This Mummy stuff is busy work, holidays have arrived and we have just finished some building works.  I feel like I have been running on empty (caffeine) and pulled in more directions than I can manage. As parents we are constantly organising and prioritising on a daily basis, we have to do this and that and the other and "hold on, just a minute" "when Mummy is finished doing what she is doing" seem to be key phrases throughout the average day.

With all the building work at home and the end of term approaching my children needed me more than ever.  Change in routine, any change for that matter, has a great impact on children.  They express reactions in different ways: some are clingy, some act out - in my case, both. I think we underestimate how important stability of any kind is to a child. As adults we adapt because we understand  the reason for the change but kids often take longer to process it.

So here I am at the end of a very busy month of builders and in the midst of Easter holidays.  I'm sorry to all my readers for being so quiet recently but I have to be honest, I am glad that I chose to be a Mummy first and a blogger second.

(The photo above isn't the most recent but I just love it!)


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  1. At the beginning of April we moved house and finally after a few years all our belongings came out of storage (due to our 2 years in the US due to an ill family member). For a fortnight I just focused on getting everything unpacked and the house in order as I wanted everything to be as stable and 'back to normal' for my kids. My blog, work, social media were put aside because sometimes as a mother you just have to prioritise on making sure your children are okay. Lovely portrait of your three by the way!


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